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White Mountain Buffalo is made by R & B Meats in Green River Wyoming.  R & B Meats is a family owned and operated business. With over 30 years in the meat industry.  Our buffalo sausages are made in the old world style with extra time, pride, and perfection mixed in.  Each flavor of our sausages and jerky is hand made using our special blend of spices. The sausages are a semi-dry fermented sausage which give a unique tangy flavor, which will be enjoyed by all. No refrigeration in required until after opening. With a 12 month shelf life, it is easy to ship overseas, or in states.  Our sausages and jerky are made out of 100% buffalo meat.  The buffalo are hormone free and rarely subjected to antibiotics.  Buffalo meat is naturally lean, has high iron content and is high in essential Omega fatty acids.
Buffalo Sausage
We hand make all of our sausages.  In the buffalo we make 8 flavors raging from Summer sausage to Habenro-Jalapeno Salami sausage.  All of our buffalo sausage are 10 ozs
Buffalo Jerky
Buffalo jerky strips are tender and moist and flavorful.  The jerky is hand cut and marniated with our recipes.  The jerky is a 3 oz package.

Today's Specials

Buffalo Summer Sausage
Price: $12.59
Buffalo Summer Sausage
Buffalo Summer Sausage semi-dry
Beef Sausage
We also make beef sausages and jerky for those who like the flavor of beef. All of our sausage and jerky are made out of 100% lean beef.  Just like our buffalo sausage and jerky we hand make each flavor in beef.  We make 8 flavors in the beef from Summer sausage to Walnut Rum Salami. All of our beef ausage is 10 ozs

We make 5 different and unique taste that will be enjoyed through the year, and is a great addition to the holiday season. With all five sausage it is like a "meat fruit cake".   Try all five flavors for the hoilday season.

Beef Jerky
We make several differant kinds of beef jerky, some that you have not even heard of yet.  From the classic Original to Bloody Mary to Jalapeno & Mango, we have it something for everyone. Try all 16 flavors.  The beef jerky are 3 ozs.
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